Sambinding/Intertwining at Býarbókasavnið

Stutt tíðindi
Rithøvundur: Kristina Petersen
Faroese Red Cross invites you to join Sambinding/Intertwining at Býarbókasavnið municipal library.

These are the dates of autumn 2018: 28th August, 25th September, 23rd October, 27th November, and 11th December.

Usually the evening starts at 7pm with a Faroese language course for beginners. The course is free of charge.

From 7.30 there is free coffee/tea and we mingle, talk, 'hugna okkum' and have a nice time.

Come join us for a nice evening with the aim of improving integration and the meeting between 'new' and 'native' Faroe Islanders.

The arrangement is free of charge and everybody is more than welcome.