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A selection of good movies on, which you can stream to your pc or tv. New as well as classic movies.

The lending period per movie is 24 hours. 

Each person can use max 12 points each month. This is enough points to see three normal length movies each month, or even more if you choose to see shorter movies.

Who can use Filmstriben?

Any person with at lendingcard from Býarbókasavnið or on any danish public library can use Filmstriben.


There is first one limit on how many movies all of our users can lend each month. Therefor it can happen, that we hit this wall at the end of a month. In this situation you can eighter wait till next month, or decide to pay for access to this single movie. 

The other limit is that every single user has max 12 points to use every month.

The movies are graduated this way:

  • Full length movies and some documentary – cost 4 points
  • Normal documentary more than 30 min. – cost 3 points
  • Movies up to 30 min. – cost 2 points
  • Movies up to 15 min. – cost 1 point

We hope you enjoy this library service.