Samrøðutiltak á bókasavninum
Samrøðutiltak á bókasavninum

Living books, conversation evening 26th Nov. at 5pm-9pm

Kort nyt
Welcome to the library to at cosy and informative café conversation.


Did you know, that people from more than 110 different nations live in the Faroe Islands?
And almost 4% of all faroese people today come from countries outside the nordic countries?

You have now the opportunity to meet some of these interesting people. Come to the Café at the library and borrow at ´living book´, and have a informativ conversation about life, countries and cultures.

It is free to borrow living books. You can only ´read´ them at the library and for at limited period.
You could ask them, how they experience to be new in the Faroe Islands. Do they feel welcome? Or what do they suggest we faroese did differently to welcome new faroese citizents?

The café evening is a collaboration between the Integration office at Tórshavn municipality and the Public library in Tórshavn.


Statistics show, that primo 2021 there were 2102 persons from countries outside the nordic countries living in The Faroe Islands. These represent 107 different nations, and are 3,97 % of the whole faroese population. Philippines, Romania, Poland, Thailand, Lithuania and Serbia are the six best represented nationalities in the Faroes.