eReolen Global

Do you want e-books or e-audio books in English? Then eReolen Global is a good option. The service offers about 2.500 titles which are readable on all platforms.

With you everywhere

You can bring eReolen Global on your smartphone or tablet using the Libby app.
Read instructions to the Libby app

Isn't there a website, too?

Yes, there is a website. It is up to you whether you read/listen to your books directly in the browser, or download them.

Good to know

  •     You need to have a library card from Býarbókasavnið in order to borrow e-material from eReolen Global
  •     You can borrow a book for 21 days
  •     You can hold a maximum of 2 loans at the same time
  •     You can have a maximum of 2 reservations at the same time. You will receive an email when your book is ready for you, and then you must borrow it within 48 hours
  •     You can try the book before you borrow it, in order to prevent you from borrowing the wrong book

Extra information

  •     There are about 20,000 titles without copyright - mainly classical works. There is no limit when you want to borrow those
  •     You can borrow as many Lonely Planet books as you like
  •     You can return a borrowed book, but only if you didn't download it
  •     You can set the speed of audio books

If in doubt, please don't hesitate to ask the staff. You can send a mail to or meet us during the opening hours. If you are having technical issues, you can ask the eReolen support.