Study café
Study café

Study café

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Get help with your home work and studies.

Welcome to Study café

You will get help to understand your homework, or just receive explanations of Faroese grammar in English.

You can attend lecture, then you will receive small exercises to help make sure you understand the explanation that was given.

You are also welcome to bring your homework from school, and receive help on how to complete those tasks.


Organizer is Gretchen Rasmussen in collaboration with Býarbókasavnið.

Gretchen was born in USA and has been living in the Faroes the last 5 years.


Sign up by sending e-mail to Gretchen Rasmussen:

Limited number of attendants. Free admission.


Thursdays at 7pm - 9pm

10th March

24th March

7th April

21st April