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A short guide to the website:


Find the search bar by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right corner. Type your search terms and click "Leita". You can refine your search in the menu on the left of the search results.

You can reserve materials by clicking the button "Reserve".

Advanced search

To optimize your search here is an overview of search terms to use:

Code Searches by Example
em= Subject em=seyður
fo= Author fo=heinesen
ti= Title ti=feðgar
fl= Publisher fl=sprotin
cl= Decimal system cl=32.26*
år= Year of release ma=mo and år=2016 (Books published in 2016)
au= About a person/country  au=bourdieu (person) AND au=india (country)
sp= Language sp=fao (Works best in combination with other search terms)
AND Combined search em=seyður AND em=føroyar
NOT Exclude words em=føroyar NOT cl=fb (not fiction)
ma=ly Audio book fo=heinesen AND ma=ly
ma=mo Book seyður AND ma=mo
ma=mu Notation fo=hendrix AND ma=mu