These are the regulations for Býarbókasavnið. If in doubt, the interpretation of the library staff applies

Library card

  • In order to borrow it is necessary to have a library card and to obtain this you need to present passport or some other piece of identification
  • Always bring your library card
  • Borrowers under 13 years of age require a parent’s or guardian’s signature. A special form to fill in is available 
  • The library card is personal and the borrower is responsible for the borrowed materials. If the library card is lost you can get a new one by paying DDK 30 for adults and DKK 20 for children
  • If the library card is lost or your address has changed you must inform the library

Loan period

The standard loan period is 30 days. A loan period can be extended if no other library user has placed a hold on the materials, however three times at most.
The loan period for DVDs is 7 days and it is not possible to extend the loan period. Overdue loans trigger a penalty according to current rates, regardless whether the borrower received a deadline reminder or a request for return of the materials.

Replacement fee

If library materials are damaged, lost, or not returned, the borrower is charged a replacement fee according to library rates.
Borrowers owing the library more than a certain amount of money may loose their privileges until the debt is paid.


Users may reserve materials currently out on loan. We inform you when the material is available.


The age limit for borrowing DVDs for adults is 13 years.


Using the internet is free of charge. The age limit is 13 years.
You must be quiet when using the computers.
It is possible to book time for the computers in advance.
Access to printer is at some computers. Fees are charged for printouts.
It is not allowed to change programs.
It is not allowed to use the computers for illegal purposes.