• Ebog

Blood Moon

Rithøvundur: Linda Castillo (2022)
Kate Burkholder : 13.5 ;
Summary: Chief of Police Kate Burkholder confronts a mysterious beast terrorizing the residents of Painters Mill in this original short mystery "Blood Moon" from bestselling author Linda Castillo. On a foggy spring night, an Amish man crashes his buggy after a large, unidentified animal spooks his horse. Kate Burkholder arrives on scene to find the man shaken and bleeding, claiming he was attacked by a large beast. But his description of the creature sounds like something straight out of the Amish folklore from Kate's childhood. Throughout the night, more incidents of an aggressive animal on the loose are reported, putting the citizens of Painters Mill on edge. There's a monster menacing the countryside, and Kate must follow its tracks into the dark woods along Painters Creek before violence tips over into tragedy