Royn E-bókasavnið
Royn E-bókasavnið

Try something new in 2022

Kort nyt
Have you tried eReolen and Filmstriben?

A new year is a good opportunity to try something new. We recommend our e-resources.

Try e.g. eReolen or Filmstriben.

You can log on with the information on your library card, and then everything is for free! ... or the right way to put it is, that the library already paid for your access. You're welcome!

eReolen is both audio books and e-books. Most in Danish, but also a few in Faroese. If you prefer literature in English, you should try eReolen Global.

Filmstriben is full of good quality films, wich you can stream to your computer or telephone. 

Enjoy! And happy new year!