Fýra vinnarar funnir
Fýra vinnarar funnir

Four winners

Kort nyt
30 reviews in the summer competition

Children and our young readers have had the chance to participate in a summer competition at the library. They were encouraged to read and write reviews of books and send these to the library. We are really satisfied with the 30 reviews, wich came in. Four winners have been found and these will get a gift voucher à 300 DKK to spend at one of the two big book stores in Tórshavn, Rit & Rák and H. N. Jacobsens bókahandil.

The winners are:

  • Ria, 11 years
  • Martin, 13 years
  • Julia, 11 years
  • Signhild, 12 years

The library congratulates the winners, and are thankful for the reviews. These were so well written, that we are planning to use them in our work at the children library. We hope others also would like to read the same books as you did.