Genta, sum lesur
Genta, sum lesur

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Study at the library

Again this year there is a study room at the library for the Christmas holidays.

The study room is on the top floor of the library, and this is the 6th time the library provides the service.

There are many examinations around Christmas and New Year, so it is convenient for students to have a place where they can focus on their reading in a peaceful environment. All students of higher education are welcome to use the room.

In the study room you can work in peace and quiet It is an offer to those who are home for the Christmas holidays and need a quiet place to study, and otherwise for people who prepare for exams around this time.

There is free wifi in the study room.
There is access to a toilet and it is possible to make coffee and tea.

The study room is open from Monday, December 17th 2018 through to Sunday, January 13th 2019, and the study room is open when the library is open.