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19:30 - 21:30

Sambinding/Intertwining at Býarbókasavnið library

Sambinding at Býarbókasavnið city library on Tuesday evening 30th April

Spring is in the air and Faroese Red Cross invites you to Intertwining once again. On Tuesday evening 30th April, we will meet at the municipal library in downtown Tórshavn for an evening where we mingle, talk, learn, make friends and basically just enjoy ourselves.
The evening starts at 7pm with a Faroese language course for beginners. The course is free of charge.

Beginning for the main event is 19.30, we will have free coffee/tea and cookies. Knitting is permitted as well, but not at all compulsory.

Please join us for a nice evening with the aim of improving integration and the meeting between 'new' and 'native' Faroe Islanders.

The whole arrangement is free of charge and everybody is more than welcome.

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